Our Mission & Vision

This is What Encourage Ourselves

Our Mission

IshaanPrem is dedicated to providing the best services to all our clients with great value also in mind. By leveraging technology and applying best practices across the board, we are able to deliver an array of high quality cost-effective solutions for, Software Development, Finance and accounting, Call Centre Services and Creative Innovation, thus allowing clients to fulfil their business objectives.

Our History

Established in ___ by Vishal Patel (CEO of Ishaan Prem), the company came about with the idea that people require many different services for their organisations and that sourcing all these services can leave oneself in somewhat of a quandary. The convenience of being able to go to one place in which a client could have a multitude of services at their disposal, is what bore fruit from that idea and became Ishaan Prem.

Ishaan Prem has made a name for itself as a leader in solutions, that is deep-rooted in quality and reliability having set a standard for clients wishing efficient and reliable services. Having started its operations in ‘Call Centre’ and ‘Data Entry’ services, client demands soon resulted in the addition of ‘Software Development’ and ‘Finance & Accounting’ services. With further growth, then came ‘Creative Innovation’ where specialised services such as, design and writing were implemented. The success of Ishaan Prem has garnered the trust of multiple exclusive brands, in the sports, travel and tourism sectors, with the list ever growing.