Film Services

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Film Services

Ishaan Prem is at the forefront of providing high-quality outsourcing solutions that focus on a variety of film services which include but is not limited to storyboarding and music composition. This can be a quite costly, however at Ishaan Prem we are pleased to be able to provide our global clients with the best film services at very competitive prices with a very good turnaround time.

Film Services We Provide

1. Storyboarding Services

Storyboarding is where a video project is arranged in a particular sequence and formatted. Our artists come up with a basic sketch of the required shot. At the same time, the audio that coincides with the shot is looked at and chosen, with the duration of each shot calculated. Once this has be completed, then its ready for filming.

All you will have to do is send us the signed off version of the script and we will do everything else to make the shoot ready and completed in as short a time as possible. This will help your business/organization in saving time and expenditure that would otherwise be wasted in coming up with a shot.

The skill of storyboarding is quite a complex process and is best severed being outsourced. At Ishaan Prem we have the finest creative minds with the best software available to them. We provide cost-effective storyboarding and do not compromise on quality, so let us bring your storyboards to life.

2. Music Composition Services

All your audio editing, soundtracks, voice over or dubbing need are taken care of at Ishaan Prem. Our in-house music composers, along with directors are the best around. Whether its jingles, audio logos or mnemonics that you are after, our talented music composers with their expertise in writing instrumentations, musical notations and handling musical ensembles, will serve you right.