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Enterprise Solutions

With businesses expanding at an ever-growing rate, with growth comes obstacles in IT resulting in inactive business.

  • Has your business been affected negatively by legacy IT installations?

  • Has the growth of your business exceeded the level at which the business software can be sustainable?

  • Is your IT infrastructure incapable of handling large amounts of data which is growing exponentially?

  • Is your business software unable to coordinate the workflow with inter-departmental actions?

Ishaan Prem Enterprise solution services

We offer a range of enterprise solutions, with an understanding of tools and software that are necessary to give your business a lift, taking into account your particular needs, alongside the wider enterprise solutions implemented by your industry as a whole. Here are some of the enterprise solutions we offer:

Advanced Analytics

Analytics has become more than just a tool that provides combined information regarding your clients and business, to now playing a pivotal role in ascertaining direct insights and forecasts, enabling you to steer your business in the right direction. This process is able to foresee the future needs of your clients and how your business can keep apprised for supply the demand.

ERP Services

Having the correct ERP (Enterprise resource planning) is pivotal to your organisations infrastructure, so there is a need for a high level of business insight and rigorous assessment prior to deciding on your ERS implementation. Our proficiency lies in analysis, integration, customization, maintenance, support, upgrading and looking for the best possible ERP solution to maximize the efficiency of your business. With deep knowledge in tools such as Oracle, SAP, Salesforce and the like, we are able to give your business the proper advantages from the ERP solution you opt to choose.

Big Data Management

Businesses are growing throughout the service and product fields and also expanding to different markets around the world, therefore all the data and information that is increasing alongside this growth needs to be managed appropriately. We deliver the best tools to help you gather and streamline these vast amounts of big data and merge it with advanced analytics, to keep moving forward.

Cloud-based Services

A move to cloud-based performance is essential for any business to increase the efficiency of its operations and see a cost-effective improvement. Also, with increased effectiveness of your cloud-based services comes a decrease in data issues and accessibility problems. Cloud migration with optimal analytical integration is at the heart of effectively managing data along with information system, and helps in meeting business strategy. Ishaan Prem has vast experience in transitioning businesses onto cloud-based platforms, integration and management, all with your precise objectives in mind and at very good value.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

With ever more businesses offering their goods/services on mobile devices, its imperative to have a strong enterprise mobility solution to enable your business to gain a new wave of customers and to stay in reach of your competitors. We can achieve this for your business, by leveraging mobile platforms to your benefit and thus change the way in which you engage and hold on to your customer base.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

SaaS lowers your software footprint as soon as it is implemented, since there is no need for continuous maintenance and admin across your IT set-up, along with lifting the load on your software team. Most important of all, the software budget is reduced paving the way for a smooth experience. Our proficiency doesn’t just apply to seeking out the best SaaS solutions for your business, but also in recognizing the precise areas where moving to SaaS will be most fruitful for the progression of your business.