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Chat Support

With the aid of live chat support, organisations can interact with their customers by partaking in a live online chat to offer support with regards to their products and service. It allows for productive two-way communication, which can be a beneficial customer support tool, in addition to being an productive marketing feature that can turn browsing into purchases. Also, if you compare with call support that needs a lot of initial investment as well as high operating costs, real-time chat support can be implemented with less cost and favorable value.

How Chat Support works?

Pre-configuration is the key to chat support, it makes for simple installation without the need to install extra modules or addons, using the functions that exist in most browsers by default. When someone visits your website and needs any kind of assistance, they simply click of the ‘chat’ button. This initiates a live chat session, whereby a customer care specialist can provide live answers to any questions posed by the customer. It also provides a window for cross-selling and up-selling of products and services at the same time.

Benefits of Chat support:

  • Better ROI
  • Helping customers
  • Reduction in cancellations
  • Conversion of visitors into customers
  • Cross-selling and Up-selling
  • Growth in registrations
  • Redirect some of your free phone calls to your chat support specialists, thereby making savings on phone costs
  • Create leads where costs aren’t high