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Bharat Army is Indian Cricket Team’s No. 1 Supporters Group. Wherever Team India travels, Bharat Army makes sure they are present in the stands to support and cheer for them every game.

Bharat Army Travel is the official Travel partner of the ICC World Cup 2019. The Official ICC Travel & Tours Programme offers travel packages exclusively for cricket fans looking for unique and exciting experiences.

As a Cricket crazy nation, fans love to watch the Indian Team play and be a part of the stadium experience, no matter where they tour. Being a member of the Bharat Army is a lifetime experience where you get to travel to different stadiums, be a part of the most passionate cheering squad and enjoy the sport we all love!

Bharat Army has been with the Indian Team for more than 19 years allowing them to create superb packages. Bharat Army Travel Consultants are experts at offering a tailored service from guaranteed match tickets to unique cricketing experiences.

By registering as a free member, you’ll receive exclusive benefits of being a part of a global community of fans supporting Team India. Bharat Army Travel makes sure that every aspect of their members’ journey is taken care of – Right from match tickets, accommodation, air travel and traveling from hotels to the venue where the matches are being played.

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